Monday, June 6, 2016

First Post

I'm Poorna Sanjeewa. 26 years old (At the time of publishing this post) Software Engineer from Sri Lanka. I began my career as a trainee RPG programmer in 2012. From there to today  in my RPGLE career as a programmer, I have tried, I have done, I have learned and been learning so many things.

From today onward I will share what I have learned so far, whatever the things I am learning and things I am trying to do using RPGLE, SQL, JAVA and more. I hope this IBM i tech blog will be able add something new to your knowledge. Also please be kind enough to point out if I make some mistakes in my codings.

So that is it for the first post. In future there will be less talking and more coding in this blog.

By the way, sorry about my Broken English!!!!!!

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